This ministry is only indirectly aimed at the world and the unsaved. First and foremost we want to reach the churches. The world will evangelize itself when it sees the churches are what they should be and are living not just a true Christian life but are exercising the authority and power that God provides when they are walking in His will.

The last time any age ended John the Baptist heralded it and taught the old prophets in a new way. Jesus during His life taught the scripture to His disciples and on the day of Pentecost, under the Spirit the first words Peter spoke were to expound and explain a prophecy from Joel. Nearly everyone agrees that the end times are near and this age is about over. We should be expecting God to open up the scriptures and our understanding of them. And he is. Out of this our name "future truth."

Out of these end time revelations some, if not all of our beliefs may be shaken, challenged, or outright destroyed. We must be open to the idea that almost everything changes. There are exceptions. "Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever!" But ideas that we have come to, been taught, or used to form our own "denominations" are not carved in stone by the hand of God, but are usually written by the hand of man in an attempt to exclude other men, and are therefore not an asset but rather a problem.

From this day on, we can no longer be content with what we were taught as children or learned as we grew or even know now. Instead we must determine and strive to know the very next thing that God wants to reveal to us. Our hunger must be for the living word so fresh we can still feel His breath as He spoke it.

So I salute you all and hope that you too will join in a fresh pursuit of God, His righteousness and his

Future Truth